Real Life Drawings

I've started to play with real life drawing. And it sure is harder then digital drawing :-)
And messier a lot to learn, but I think I'm going to enjoy it!
I've learned a lot already by visiting:

This face is done with coloured charcoal pencils...still learning to do the shading without layers and smudge tool in PSP :-))

An old face I've done before. I saw it in the pattern of the

A bird from a photo...I had just bought some charcoals to try them out.

A buffalo from a wooden sculpture...another one done with charcoals.

A Blue Bird this one done with charcoals on a black pad.

A Vase with flowers this was a challenge to make the vase look like looks better in RL without the flash!.

Trying to make a water based painting this one I liked doing, because you can be messy :-).

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